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Vector Map (for prints)
Get a vectorised version of a map you've already commissioned from me that you'd like to be able to get as a print or use for other hi-res purposes.  Requires a commissioned map from me; please contact me if you are unsure or have a pre-existing map to negotiate an appropriate price.
Pokémon Style Region Maps (Gens I-IV)
I can make region maps in any of the Nintendo region map styles (for BW style, please see my other commissions), or a similar custom style that you provide (please ask in advance to see if your style is appropriate).

Sizes can go up to 256x192; for larger ones, please contact me to arrange an appropriate amount.

To order, please specify a size in pixels (for reference, Essentials uses 240x160), the name of your preferred style (RSE, FRLG, HGSS, DPPt etc) and provide a sketch or other clear image of your region so I can recreate it.

Disclaimer: These maps will not work in ROMs unless you can significantly edit the internal data.  I will not insert them or "fix" them if they do not work.
If you do not have a layout for your region yet, and only have locations and gym leaders, I can attempt to create one for you.  You must provide as much information about your region as possible and I will refund you if there is insufficient information for me to proceed.

This commission negates the need for a sketch for a region map.

Newest Deviations

PokeJapan - Version 4 :iconniknaks93:NikNaks93 60 28 Flag of Indonesia :iconniknaks93:NikNaks93 14 0 Flag of Chad :iconniknaks93:NikNaks93 14 7 Flag of the Iberian League (EPL) :iconniknaks93:NikNaks93 2 4 Flag of the Gallic League (EPL) :iconniknaks93:NikNaks93 9 3 Flag of the Grecian League (EPL) :iconniknaks93:NikNaks93 3 4 Flag of the NAPL (alternate) :iconniknaks93:NikNaks93 4 5 Flag of the Arctic League :iconniknaks93:NikNaks93 8 4 Flag of the Roman League (EPL) :iconniknaks93:NikNaks93 5 6 Flag of the United League (EPL) :iconniknaks93:NikNaks93 5 10 Flag of the Aztec League :iconniknaks93:NikNaks93 10 7 Flag of the APL :iconniknaks93:NikNaks93 4 9 Flag of the EPL :iconniknaks93:NikNaks93 5 2 Flag of the Pacific League :iconniknaks93:NikNaks93 6 5 Flag of the Great Lakes League :iconniknaks93:NikNaks93 9 29 San Francisco Bay :iconniknaks93:NikNaks93 29 29


FF #2: Kingdom of England and Brittany :iconjack-double-jeu:Jack-Double-jeu 12 4 CHOAM flag - own design :iconcdmonte:cdmonte 4 0 Flag of the United States of North Caucasus :iconcoliop-kolchovo:Coliop-Kolchovo 4 0 What if Flag of Iraq under the Shammar Dynasty :iconkyuzoaoi:kyuzoaoi 17 0 Udrijan region map :iconjoey-and-rattata:joey-and-rattata 6 0 Hemphir :iconenergyzd:Energyzd 2 2 Flag game - Iraq :iconsoaringaven:SoaringAven 34 21 Flag of the African Federation :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 35 7 A Thousand Routes :icongymjack:Gymjack 105 29 Flag Game - Comoros :iconsir-conor:Sir-Conor 20 2 Flag of the Imperial Moroccan Navy :iconericvonschweetz:EricVonSchweetz 10 0 The Commonwealth of New Columbia :iconstrathconabooster:StrathconaBooster 84 20 Italy Worldmap HG/SS :iconcriesona:Criesona 4 2 Kingdom of Wales - Alternate History Map :iconamcalmaron:AMCAlmaron 25 12 Greater Pakistan :icon1wyrmshadow1:1Wyrmshadow1 18 0 Space Britain :icon1wyrmshadow1:1Wyrmshadow1 19 4



PokeJapan - Version 4
A map of the Pokéworld as if it the same general shape as our world.  Continuous work in progress.

All custom-made except Tohjo, of course, which is from HGSS itself, although it is heavily edited.


KantoJohtoHoennSinnoh (including the Battle Zone) and the Sevii Islands are all based on areas or islands of (or claimed by) Japan, so these are placed over those respective areas.  Orre is based on Phoenix, Arizona.  Unova is based on New York City.  Kalos is based on northern France.  Alola is based on Hawaii.

Almia bears a strong resemblance to the southwestern portion of the island of Hokkaido (Sinnoh), so this is placed here.

It is stated that Fiore is closer to Sinnoh than any other region, as this is why the Manaphy egg is sent there, so it is placed at the bottom end of Hokkaido.

The small islands northwest of Honshu resemble Oblivia, so this is where I put it.

Other game locations, such as Stadium IslandWhite CityPokétopia and the Nature Preserve are placed near the regions which appeared in the same generation.

If you have any suggestions for missing regions from games (not anime or manga exclusive locations) then I would be happy to try to include them in a logical place.  I'm also interested in any suggestions or discussion about the placement of regions, so feel free to comment!


I am happy for you to use this as-is with my permission, just contact me if you want to use it. Thanks! I do not own Pokémon or have any association with the copyright holders. I believe this work constitutes Fair Use of any copyrighted material.


:iconabcboyck: for a vast number of suggestions and corrections
:iconkox9sxe: for massive help with Oblivia
:iconiametrine: for the original Sky Pillar and Abandoned Ship icons
:iconred-gyrados: for the volcano icon.


James Nicholls
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
At Azure, we've recently reacquired our old domain at, and we want to get a fangame development hub going, with dedicated forums for projects and the opportunity to collaborate with other fangame designers.  In the future, we also plan to host essential features for development like file hosting and bug tracking.

Our forums are clean and have far fewer ads than most of the more well known services, and all the forums will be Pokémon or fangame related.  We like to consider it a halfway house between a thread on PokéCommunity and a forum on invisionfree or freeforums.  We can handle the management of the forum while you have a dedicated place to discuss your project.

If you're interested, do let us know!  We've only recently started up the new forum, and you can either contact us there (…) or send me a note here.  We hope to see you there!
I posted a while ago that we at Azure were looking for someone to texture our 3D models, and we're on the look out again as we head into the new year!

The game is being made to demonstrate our custom Pokémon engine, being made in C# and XNA, with a "2.5D" overworld, just like Black, White and their sequels.

We're looking for a talented tile artist to create nature tiles to sit underneath the models, and, if possible, to create sprited textures for some of the building models.

You don't need any 3D experience but you need to be willing to work with slightly larger tiles than the norm (24x instead of 16x) and preferably have some previous work with 2D tiles, although we are happy to use edited rips where necessary.

If you want to see a demonstration of the engine (and a few models) in action, check out the following video:…

As you can see, we need someone to spruce up the textures, so if you're interested, please drop me a note or comment here, or add me on Skype (james.nicholls2).

Thanks for reading!


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